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Hello, Publish

The easiest way to create and share written content online is here. Here's why we built it, and what you can expect going forward.

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Today we are launching Contena Publish in beta. 

Publish is the easiest way to start creating and sharing written content online. 

We created Publish because we wanted to open up a web browser, start writing, hit publish, and look like a pro.

Write ✍️ -> Publish 🌎 -> Look Awesome 😎 -> Repeat.

Here's what's included with Publish:

  • The Editor: a powerful and distraction-free experience, built for people who love to write. 
  • Public and Private Posts: Share your writing for anyone to read online instantly, with no setup required. Or just share with certain readers.
  • Profile: A dedicated space for you to showcase your writing in a portfolio format.

And here's why we think it's pretty great:

1. Free to Use. Zero Setup.

With Publish, there is no need to sign up for web hosting, install blogging software, find a theme, or update and manage plugins. 

Just open the editor, and start writing. 

We want to deliver the perfect, distraction-free writing experience, right in your browser. Just open a new tab and start writing.   


Publish is a fully managed platform for writers. We make it super easy to  create, edit, and and publish your writing online. 

If you've ever started a blog, you know that there are many not-so-fun technical things to manage, which quickly become time-consuming barriers that prevent you from doing your best work (or any work at all!).    

With Publish, we handle many of these details for you. This means that you can focus all of your energy into the process of creating meaningful content with real impact.  

2. Writing and Editing is Fast. Really Fast.

Simplicity and speed FTW.

Publish was built with an emphasis on design and a deep appreciation for functional simplicity. 

With Publish, previewing your work is now a thing of the past. You experience what you are creating in real time. 

This dramatically simplifies the editing process, and makes writing and publishing your work a much more enjoyable experience.  

3.  A Million Images.

Our built-in image search gives you access to over a million beautiful stock photos that are completely free to use with your writing on Publish.   

This means that you can find that perfect image while you are in the process of writing, without even leaving the editor. This is one one of my favorite features, and something that just feels magical.  

These photos will leave you in awe. They are stunning.

No more sifting through Google results for images that are probably not legal to use and no more subscriptions to pricey stock photo sites! 

4. No ads. No hosting fees. No compromises.

"Do you want some Internet with your ads today?"

We made a conscious decision to build a service that is completely free from third party ads. Companies that allow targeted ads to make money, do so at the expenses of your overall experience and privacy. 

A service that is "free" but displays personalized ads based on your data is not actually free. You are paying with your data, the true value of which has to yet to be fully realized. This is like paying for a service with a credit card that has an undisclosed interest rate.  

We have a responsibility to help build a better Internet. One that is more conscious of privacy, less algorithmic, and more human.

So how do we pay the bills?

We earn money through courses, coaching, and job discovery tools for writers, editors and content creators. If you enjoy writing with Publish and want to make a career from your writing (or just earn some money on the side), we can help. 

See our Wall of Wins for member success stories.

5. Your content belongs to you. Period.  

We believe that you should have complete control of the content that you create using Publish.

Control who sees your content with built-in privacy settings, including the ability to create private posts with a secure link that you can share with a select person or group of people.  

You can also set custom copyright text that is displayed alongside your work so that you maintain complete creative and legal control over your content, at all times.


Now we need your input and feedback!

You can start writing with Publish here.

We will be posting a product road map shortly so you can see exactly what features are planned and/or being actively developed and make recommendations or request additional features.

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